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Need to borrow $100 until payday? Dollar Hand can help! Complete our online application form to receive a competitive loan offer from one of our reputable lending partners.

$100 can be sent to your bank account within a few minutes, hours or by the next business day. Better yet, we consider bad credit and have no credit check options too.

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How To Borrow 100 Dollars Fast

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Step 1 - Fill in the Online Form

If you need to borrow $100, submit a loan request via our online application form. This will take less than 5 minutes to complete.

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Step 2 - Receive a Loan Offer Instantly

An instant response will appear on screen from the lender best suited to your borrowing requirements. You can then decide if you would like to go ahead.

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Step 3 - Borrow $100 Fast

If your application is approved, the dollars will be in your hands! $100 will be sent to your live checking account within 1 hour, 24 hours or by the next working day.


Where Can I Borrow $100 Instantly?

There are many locations in the United States where you can borrow $100. States include but are not limited to:

What Is The Criteria To Borrow $100?

To be eligible to borrow 100, certain requirements must be met. This includes that you:

  • Are an American citizen
  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Have a live checking account
  • Own a mobile phone
  • Can afford the repayments
  • Earn a regular income of at least $500-800 per month


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How Much Will A $100 Loan Cost?

If for example, you want to borrow $100 over 3 months at a 400% APR, you will be charged 3 repayments of $57.66 each. The total repayable amount will be $172.97.


How Can I Borrow $100 Instantly?

Complete our online application form to receive an instant loan offer. Whilst it is possible to borrow money quickly, the money may not be transferred instantly, but rather within a few minutes, hours or by the next working day. If you are looking to borrow 100 dollars now, then there are some steps you can take to fast track the process.

Try applying during typical working hours of 9am to 5pm on Monday to Friday. Also make sure that you are easily contactable incase the lender wants to get in touch with any follow-up questions.

How Do I Make Repayments?

$100 loans are typically repaid back after your next payday when you have received your upcoming pay check. However, there is usually the option to pay back the loan over several months if you would prefer installments. The money will be automatically taken from your checking account each month on a date that you have agreed upon with the lender in your loan contract.

There is also usually the option to repay back your loan early. Just make sure that you check the terms and conditions of your loan agreement or speak to your lender first to find out if this is allowed and that you will not be charged any additional fees for doing so.

What If I Can’t Repay On Time?

Failure to repay back your $100 loan on time can result in late fees and extra interest charges. It could also damage your credit score. It is therefore essential to only borrow money if you are certain you will be able to afford the repayments.

If you face an unanticipated financial emergency and contact the lender immediately, they might be more understanding towards your situation. This could result in them offering you a more flexible repayment plan or perhaps they might freeze the interest on your loan. However, this is not guaranteed so it is important to make sure that you will be able to meet the repayments.

Why I Should Borrow $100 Through Dollar Hand?

At Dollar Hand, we strive to help our customers get the money that they need. Our online application form is quick and easy to complete, and we have access to over 50 reputable lending partners across the United States so that we can find the best rates for you. Not only do we provide instant loan offers, but our service is completely free of charge and always will be.

We help you get fast cash within minutes, hours or by the next working day. Better yet, the full loan amount is sent in one lump sum. As well as this, when you enquire we only do soft searches which will not have any impact on your credit score!


FAQs About $100 Loans

No, Dollar Hand is not a direct lender. We are a broker that connects you with the best lenders in the US who can offer competitive rates.


Basic details such as your name, phone number, address, state ID or driver’s license, employment status and income. You will also have to specify how much money you wish to borrow (i.e. $100) and how long for.

Whilst it is possible to borrow 100 no credit check, affordability checks are usually carried out. However, do not worry as we work with lenders who are willing to consider customers with a variety of credit histories and who offer a range of products to suit different requirements.

Yes, you can borrow $100 with bad credit. As long as you meet other criteria such as having a stable income and are able to afford the repayments, you should be able to get a $100 loan in the palm of your hands!