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If you are looking for a loan for bad credit, Dollar Hand can offer loans of $300, $500 or $1,000 or more with poor credit histories and no credit check options too. We offer a fully online application process in less than 5 minutes. Complete your details online and get an instant decision. Once approved, funds can be transferred in 1 hour or 24 hours of applying!



How to Apply for Bad Credit Loans with Dollar Hand

Dollar Hand offers a completely online application. Once you click on ‘Get Started Now’, our form asks a few simple questions including the loan amount you wish to borrow and how long for. You can request a loan for bad credit, short-term loans from $100 to $5000, to be repaid over up to five years.

We will ask for a few personal details, your employment information and your income as well as expenditure details. We understand that you may need emergency loans for bad credit, so we’ll get back to you with an instant decision.

Dollar Hand is a broker who will not pay the funds directly into your bank account but will pass on your details to the lender we match you with. Once your application is approved, you could have the funds in your account in as little as an hour. So if you need online loans for bad credit, we can give you a hand!

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Step 1 - Get Started and Apply Online

Even if you don’t have a perfect credit history, we’ll try to help. Fill in our form and choose how much you wish to borrow and for how long.

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Step 2 - Receive a Loan Offer

We’ll search our panel of lenders to find the right bad credit loan for you. You can enjoy peace of mind that Dollar Hand has only partnered with credible lenders that have been vetted by our team.

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Step 3 - Get Loans For Bad Credit

If your application is approved, you can receive the funds in your bank account within 24 hours or by the next working day.

What is a Bad Credit Loan?

A bad credit loan is a specific loan designed for those with a bad credit score. Typically, lenders use bad credit as a reason to not lend money which can cause many problems for those looking for short-term credit. However, with bad credit loans, lenders can assess the borrower’s needs using other criteria such as whether the applicant has a stable job and a regular income.

There are many types of loans, some with higher interest rates than others. But even if you have a bad credit history, there are borrowing options that won’t charge overly high levels of interest. Short term loans can often work out to be the cheapest option, but it’s a good idea to assess all the choices available to you.




What is The Borrowing Criteria For Bad Credit Loans?

The general criteria of online loans for bad credit is as follows:

  • Must be over 18 years of age
  • US citizen
  • Live checking account (to receive funds)
  • A steady income of min. $800 monthly
  • Able to make repayments


The criteria will vary between lenders and some will be stricter than others. To confirm income and employment, some lenders may carry out a phone call with you or request additional information such as a pay-slip or bank statement.

If you’re looking to borrow up to $35,000, and feel a loan is the best solution, Dollar Hand will do our best to help you find the right direct lender.

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Why Should I Apply for Bad Credit Loans Online with Dollar Hand?

Dollar Hand is proud to offer a free, responsible and affordable way to apply for bad credit loans. We understand how hard it can be if you need money for an urgent bill and find that you are getting declined. So we offer the best loans for bad credit that can cover you when unexpected circumstances arise, regardless of your credit score.

With our loans connection service, we can maximise your chances of approval and match you with the lender who is most likely to approve you and offer the best rates.

With no upfront fees, no obligation and no impact to your credit score, we are on hand to help you every step of the way and that is our pinky promise! To get a loan decision in less than 5 minutes, simply click on the ‘Get Started Now’ button.

Can You Get a Bad Credit Loan with Very Poor Credit?

Yes, it is possible to obtain a loan even if you have a bad credit history. There are bad credit lenders who will look at factors other than your credit score, such as your earnings, employment status, living status, amount you have requested to borrow and purpose of your loan. As long as you are committed to paying your loan every month on time, they will gladly consider your application.

Can You Get a Bad Credit Loan with No Credit Checks?

Yes, Dollar Hand can help you get a bad credit loan without any credit checks. Our loans connection service can recommend other viable products, including those which include security or collateral such as home loans or title loans, or we may suggest an app or credit union as the best fit for you. Getting easy loans for bad credit has never been more convenient!

Can I Get Bad Credit Loans With Guaranteed Approval?

Dollar Hand works with many US lenders who offer instant loans for people with bad credit. These lenders understand that it can be difficult to keep a perfect credit score and are willing to accommodate customers from a variety of financial backgrounds.

There are a number of bad credit loan companies out there that can offer instant loan approvals. The package may just be adjusted slightly to suit customers with bad credit histories, for instance a longer loan term or a maximum loan amount that they can borrow. It is also possible that the rates charged may be a little bit higher to reflect the larger level of risk involved.

Having a poor credit rating does not mean that you may not be a reliable person to lend to. In fact, you may have overcome a tough situation and are now working to improve your credit score. As long as customers have a stable income so that they can commit to making repayments on time, then Dollar Hand can help assist those with bad credit scores.


Can I Get Bad Credit Installment Loans?

Yes, it is possible to get installment loans for bad credit. Providing that you meet other eligiblity requirements, then you can get the funds that you need today. Lenders can focus on key factors such as whether you earn a stable income or they can tie collateral to the loan, such as your car or property.

Just make sure that you will be able to comfortably afford repaying back the loan, as otherwise you could face late charges and damage your credit score. It is important to check your finances to confirm that you will be able to meet repayments over the longer loan term.


Where Can I Find Bad Credit Loans Near Me

We offer a number of options for bad credit loans including in:


How Much Can I Borrow If I Have Bad Credit And For How Long?

If you have a poor credit score and are looking to borrow money, there are many possibilities for you. The amount you can borrow and the loan term largely depends on the payday loan regulations in the state that you live in, as well as what the lender is willing to offer you depending on the level of risk involved.

Some of the states where you can apply for a bad credit loan are mentioned in the table below, as well as the legal amounts that you could potentially borrow and the loan terms for these locations:

States Loan Amount  Loan Term
Alabama $100-$500 10-31 days
California Up to $300 Up to 31 days
Colorado Up to $500 Up to 180 days
Illinois Up to $1000 or 25% of gross monthly income 13-120 days
Indiana $50-$550 At least 14 days
Iowa Up to $500 Up to 31 days
Kentucky Up to $500 14-60 days
Missouri Up to $500 14-31 days
New Hampshire $500 7-30 days
Oregon $50,000 31-60 days
South Carolina $550 Up to 31 days
Tennessee Up to $500 Up to 31 days
Texas Unlimited 7-180 days


If you are looking to borrow money for longer, you could always consider installment loans with bad credit.

Useful Guides If You’re Applying For A Bad Credit Loan



How Much Would A $500 Payday Loan Cost If I Have Bad Credit?

Representative Example:
If a payday loan amount was $500 with a rate of interest 292% (fixed) and a representative of 171% APR, it would cost you $546.225 after 2 weeks, $592.27 after 1 month and $773.95 after 3 months.*

* We do not know the number of borrowers who take out a loan or the APR, this is a calculation based on the mean APR of our lending partners.



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Frequently Asked Questions About Loans For Bad Credit

You can check your credit score through one of the credit reference bureaus such as Equifax, Experian and Transunion. Whilst there is an ongoing fee for this, you can request a free trial which will give you a rating, as well as some recommendations on how you can improve it.

No, we are not a bad credit direct lender. We are an introducer who connects your loan requirements with the best lender who will accept your criteria and provide you with quick loans for bad credit.

No, applying for a bad credit loan with Dollar Hand will not impact your credit score. However, it is important to consider that making lots of applications during a short space of time might look suspicious and give the impression you are in desperate need of money.

The APR is typically around 300% to 600% APR for a title loan or payday loan product. Whilst this may seem high, it is because these products are usually used for a few weeks or months, but the APR calculates the product as though it was for an entire year. To get the true cost, look at repayment examples or use the calculators provided.

If your loan is rejected, there will not be any fees charged, no impact to your credit rating and your data will not be sent to any other companies without your permission.

Yes regular repayments each month will help to build up your credit score and demonstrate your ability to repay loans on time. However, you should not use loans as a way to purposely boost your credit score.