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Whether you live in Hattiesburg, Jackson, Gulfport, Southaven or anywhere else in Mississippi, Dollar Hand can place payday loans at your fingertips.

Enquire through our online application form and receive an instant response from one of our reputable lending partners who offer the most affordable rates. Money can be transferred into your account within minutes, hours or by the next business day.

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Complete our online application form, including basic details such as your name, postal address, employment status and the amount you wish to borrow. Enquiring is free of charge and will have no impact on your credit score.

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If you decide to go ahead and your application is successful, your payday loan will be transferred to your bank account in one lump sum within minutes, hours or by the next working day.

What Do I Need To Know About Mississippi Payday Loans?

A payday loan involves borrowing money when you are in need of extra cash to tide you over until you receive your next paycheck. Reasons you might need a payday loan include due to an unexpected medical fee, a dental bill, pet care, if your car has broken down or you need to undertake an essential home repair such as fixing your boiler. The cash advance is designed to help those experiencing financial emergencies and should not be spent on shopping, drinking, gambling or any unnecessary expenses.

Dollar Hand could be a good choice for anyone experiencing a temporary financial set back as we make payday loans a quick, easy and stress-free experience. Better yet, our service is free of charge!

What Alternatives Are There To Taking Out A Payday Loan in Mississippi?

It is worth comparing different options for getting fast cash. Alternatives to payday loans include borrowing from family or friends, using a credit card or looking into an authorized overdraft. For more information check out our guide on ‘What Are Some Alternatives To A Payday Loan?’.

If there are no alternatives that suit you, then you could definitely consider a payday loan to help you stay financially afloat until your next paycheck. It’s essential to only borrow the amount that you need for the unexpected cost, and not any extra money for unnecessary spending as this would make it more difficult to repay back the loan.

Where in Mississippi Can I Get a Payday Loan?

Dollar Hand offers a fully online experience which means we can offer loans across Mississippi and the US. You can enquire from the comfort of your own home or whilst you are out and about. Locations include:

Bay Saint Louis
Bay Springs
Moss Point
Mount Olive
New Albany
Olive Branch
Water Valley
West Point
Yazoo City



So whether you need payday loans in Hattiesburg Mississippi, payday loans in Jackson Mississippi or anywhere else across the state, we can certainly lend you a helping hand. Simply click on the ‘Get Started Now’ button below to secure your funds today. Getting a payday loan has never been more convenient!


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How Can I Get Funds Quickly?

With Dollar Hand, you can borrow anywhere between $100 and $35,000 within minutes or hours. Once you submit your loan request, an instant decision will appear on your screen from the lender most suited to your borrowing requirements. If you decide to go ahead and your application is approved, dollars will be in your hands on the same day or by the next working day.


Can I Borrow Money With A Poor Credit Score?

Yes, at Dollar Hand we work with lenders who are willing to accept all types of credit histories, with the option of bad credit loans. Better yet, enquiring about a payday loan through Dollar Hand will have no impact on your credit score. So what are you waiting for? Apply now and receive your funds in the snap of a finger!



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Payday Loan in Mississippi

Am I Eligible for Payday Loans in Mississippi?

To be eligible for a payday loan in Mississippi with Dollar Hand you must:

  • 1. Be aged 18 years or older
  • 2. Be a U.S. resident
  • 3. Have a checking account
  • 4. Have a stable income
  • 5. Earn a minimum of $500 each month

How Will I Repay Back My Mississippi Payday Loan?

You can repay the money back over 2 weeks or up to 5 years. Long-term loans will be paid back in equal installments each month on a date agreed with the lender. This usually tends to be at the end of the month after you have received your paycheck.

Why Should I Use Dollar Hand?


Reasons why you should borrow payday loans online in Mississippi through Dollar Hand include that:

  • We have a simple and quick online application form
  • You can borrow anywhere from $100 to $35,000
  • We offer affordable loans with the most competitive rates
  • We source the best financial products suited to your borrowing requirements
  • You’ll get the money in one lump sum
  • You can apply from anywhere in the US
  • Receive instant loan offers from reputable lenders
  • Funds are transferred into your account within 1 business day
  • Repayment plans range from 2 weeks to 5 years
  • Enquiring is free of charge
  • Option for online payday loans in Mississippi no credit check
  • Our soft searches will not impact your credit score
  • Option to repay early to save money
  • Dollar Hand does all the hard work for you!

What Are The Current Mississippi Payday Loan Laws?

Payday loans are legal in Mississippi. Some of the key rules and regulations for payday loans in Mississippi are mentioned in the following table:

Are Payday Loans Legal in Mississippi? Yes
Maximum Loan Amount $500
Minimum Loan Term Not specified
Maximum Loan Term 30 days
Price Cap 521%
No. of Rollovers Allowed 6 but the loan must be reduced by at least 5% for every rollover
No. of Outstanding Loans Allowed 0
Finance Charges <$250 = up to $20 per $100 $250-$500 = up to $21.95 per $100
Statute of Limitations 3 years

FAQs About Payday Loans in Mississippi

Is Dollar Hand A Direct Lender?

No, we are a broker who connects our customers with the best lenders across the US. All you have to do is complete our online application form and then we will match you with the lender who meets your borrowing requirements.

What Is The Price Cap For Payday Loans In Mississippi?

The price cap for payday loans in Mississippi is 521%. This provides a limit on how much interest lenders can charge borrowers for taking out a payday loan.

How Many Payday Loans Are You Allowed To Have Open In Mississippi?

You can have more than one payday loan at a time in Mississippi. However, the total loan amount cannot exceed $500 at one time.

Will Dollar Hand Charge Me A Fee?

No, our service is free of charge. Better yet, enquiring has no impact on your credit score as we undertake soft searches that do not leave any visible footprint on your credit record.

What Should I Consider Before Applying?

Before you borrow money online in Mississippi, it is worth considering whether it is necessary and if you could manage without it. It is also important to check that you meet all the eligibility requirements before applying for a payday loan. You must also make sure that you will be able to afford repaying back the loan as otherwise you could incur extra charges.