As the season of pumpkins and ghosts descends upon us, it’s time to get organized with your Halloween costumes, decor, parties and most importantly candy!  The pressure to deliver an epic celebration is on the rise as the festivities tend to get more elaborate each year. According to, it is believed that US consumers are expected to spend an all-time high of $10.6 billion over the Halloween season this year, an increase of roughly half a billion dollars since 2021.

However, those who do not feel like they have the spare cash to go all out this October need not fear as there are still ways to make people jump with fear whilst sticking to a budget. If you want to avoid spending scary amounts of money and still have a “Happy Halloween”, here are 5 useful tips and tricks you should consider.


5 Tips On How To Celebrate Halloween On A Budget


1) Think Outside The Box For Costumes  

With the average Halloween costume in the US costing $52, it is not surprising that you may want to consider thinking outside of the box this year, especially for something that may only be worn for a few hours. Fortunately, there are many different options you can consider to keep your creepy costume within an affordable budget.

For instance, you can be creative and use what you already own – cut up an old bed linen that you no longer use to create a ghost costume, or use some face paint that you already have to paint on a scary face to be a zombie. Or why not dress up as a witch using a garbage bag as a dress and your sweeping brush as a broomstick? 

You could even make an activity out of it and invite round family and friends to create a contest to see who can make the best DIY costume. This would be fun and friendly to your bank account – what more could you want? Websites such as Pinterest will be great for inspiration and have thousands of ideas you can base your costume off. 

You could also hit up the local charity shop or thrift store to find some bargains and use them to make an original and unique outfit. For instance, buying an old wedding dress at a cheap price and using it to be a haunted bride. This will not only save you money, but will be beneficial for the environment too – win win!

If you are not particularly creative, you could always ask your family or friends if they would consider a costume swap so that you both feel special in something different. This would avoid you having to spend money on something you may only wear once a year.


2) Create DIY Decorations

Similar to costumes, it is not necessary to purchase the most expensive or elaborate decorations. Making decorations at home can become a fun family tradition and you can use things such as toilet paper and bed sheets to create a spooky effect. Fill up garbage bags to look like body parts and use Ketchup for blood.  

On the other hand, if you do decide you want to purchase new decorations from the shops then consider investing in high quality accessories that you can use again each year. This will save you money in the long run providing that you store them away carefully so they stay in good condition.



3) Ignore Societal Pressures

It is important to not get bogged down by what other people are doing to avoid spending unnecessary funds. For instance, if you are keen to go to the pumpkin farm just to get the obligatory selfie to share with your friends, then think otherwise. Purchasing your pumpkin at the grocery store will be a much better option than at a farm where they tend to be overpriced.

Likewise, you do not need to go to an expensive ticketed event or horror attraction where the cost of being spooked is more terrifying than the night itself. If you cannot resist going, then look online at coupon websites to source the best deals. However, it can be just as fun to throw a frightening film evening where each person suggests their favorite horror film on TV subscriptions that you may already have such as Netflix. 

You do not need to spend more than is necessary. Otherwise, the scariest part of Halloween will be your bank statement!


4) Think Before You Buy Your Candy

Get your candy from Dollar Stores or shop around to find the best deals or promotions in grocery stores. Check if you have any relevant coupons that might help to reduce the price too.

You do not need to purchase branded confectionery as any grocery store will have their own candy that tastes just as good. Alternatively if you are adamant you want to buy some well-known favorites, then do a mixture and buy half branded and half non-branded and no one will even notice!

The demand for sweet treats soars around Halloween so if you can purchase your sweets in advance then you may be able to avoid any price surges and find cheaper priced goods that won’t break the bank. Do not wait until a couple of days before the celebrations to stock up. 

You could also consider buying in bulk if you need a large volume of candy as this tends to be more affordable than buying lots of separate packets. Not only will you have lots of goodies for your guests, but you will be able to offer treats to any kids who may knock on your door throughout the night.  And if you are hosting a Halloween party, do not be afraid to ask everyone to contribute with some form of sweet treats.



5) Plan ahead

Keeping an eye on your finances and planning ahead will stand you in good stead during the holiday season. Budget carefully and you will be able to enjoy Halloween stress-free! 

You could also think forward to the future and purchase reduced price decorations and costumes that will go on sale the week after Halloween and save them for next year. This will enable you to get all the essentials that you may wish for at a fraction of the price you would have paid beforehand. 


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Concluding Thoughts


Whilst it may seem daunting to celebrate all things spooky on a budget, it is possible and you can organize your sweet treats, costumes and decorations in a strategic manner. If you are still low on funds and want to borrow fast cash prior to your next paycheck, then you can apply for a payday loan to make sure you can celebrate in style!

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