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Cash advances from Dollar Hand can help you get funds ahead of pay day at the flick of a finger. Simply click on the 'Get Started' button and receive an instant decision from our loan providers. Options are available for bad credit histories and you can obtain your money within 1 working day!

Representative Example:
If a payday loan amount was $500 with a rate of interest 292% (fixed) and a representative of 171% APR, it would cost you $546.225 after 2 weeks, $592.27 after 1 month and $773.95 after 3 months.*

* We do not know the number of borrowers who take out a loan or the APR, this is a calculation based on the mean APR of our lending partners.

How to Apply for a Cash Advance with Dollar Hand

Step 1 - Enquire Online

Submit your loan submissions form through our website to get the best rates from multiple lenders.

Step 2 - Get an Instant Decision

Receive an instant decision from one of our partner lenders who is looking to fund your loan at the best rates. Over 2000 enquires are accepted every day.

Step 3 - Receive your Money in the Next Business Day*

The money is in the palm of your hands! It is released and sent to your account as quickly as possible.

*If your loan is approved, you could receive your money within 1 hour although this will depend on the lender and it could take up to 3 days to get your cash.

What is a Cash Advance?

A cash advance is a type of short-term loan which helps you ‘get an advance’ on your pay cheque from work. It provides quick and easy access to funds when unexpected emergencies or expenses arise.

For example, those in need of emergency repairs or unexpected payments, would be the perfect candidate for a cash advance. That way, you can borrow money instantly in order to provide immediate payment, and then pay this back in the future with a reliable payment plan.

An advance on your salary can give you the money you need within a few hours, whether it is just $100, $500 or $1,000. You can then repay the loan in full on your next payday from work or spread repayment over 3,6 or 12 months if you would prefer.

Can a Payday Loan Build Up My Credit Rating?

What is The Criteria For a Cash Advance?

Even applicants with bad credit can be considered for a cash advance. In order to receive a cash advance from Dollar Hand, you should meet the following criteria:

  • Be a US citizen
  • Over 18 years of age
  • Own a mobile phone
  • Able to afford repayments
  • Have a checking account to receive funds
  • An income of at least $800 monthly

Can You Get a Cash Advance with Bad Credit?

You could be eligible for a cash advance even with a bad credit score. Dollar Hand works with a range of different lenders who can also consider factors such as your age, employment status, income and the amount you wish to borrow.

When you make an enquiry with Dollar Hand about a cash advance, we match you with the lender most suited to your borrowing needs. Some lenders may offer bad credit borrowers slightly different conditions. For instance a maximum loan amount or loan period, or a higher interest rate due to the larger level of risk involved.

At Dollar Hand, we make sure that a poor credit rating does not stop you from getting the cash that you need. We understand that it is not always possible to have a perfect credit score and so we connect our borrowers with reputable lenders who can help them.

Can You Get a Cash Advance with No Credit Checks?

Most of our lenders carry out a credit check to determine your eligibility. This gives lender an indication of how well you have paid other forms of loans and credit in the past and this helps them assess how much to offer you and whether to even grant your loan at all.

However, whilst you might search specifically for no credit check cash advances, you do not need to worry about being declined due to a low credit score as we work with a number of partners who offer loans for bad credit.

In some cases, we may offer loans that do not require credit checks and instead use collateral such as cars or property to help you borrow money (e.g secured loans or title loans). Or they could offer alternative products such as those from a credit union or a credit card with a certain limit, to help you manage your spending more efficiently.

Find a Loan for Cash Advances Near You

We offer a number of options for cash advance loans including in:

Can I Get an Instant Cash Advance With Dollar Hand?

If you want to get an instant cash advance, it is possible to get approved and funded within minutes through Dollar Hand. Typically however it can take a couple of hours or up until the next day to get the funds sent to your bank account. This is because our lenders will carry out thorough checks to ensure that you are well suited for the cash advance loan and may wish to confirm key information such as your income or credit score before agreeing to the funding.

Applying on a normal working day between 9AM to 5PM, rather than during the weekend or on a national holiday, should boost your chances of instant cash. Being readily contactable via phone or email incase the lender has any follow-up questions should also help to secure quick money.

Why Should You Apply for a Cash Advance with Dollar Hand?

Dollar Hand gets the best rates from multiple lenders based on your specific borrowing needs. We are proud to approve more than 2,000 enquiries everyday! If successful, you can receive the cash advance within 1 business day.

We are completely free to use and always will be. Even better, there is no impact on your credit score when you apply with us.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Cash Advances

Is Dollar Hand a Direct Lender?

No, we are not a direct lender. Dollar Hand is a free service which matches your online loan enquiry with the lender that can offer you the best rates possible.

Can I Get an Instant Cash Advance?

We are sometimes able to facilitate loans in as little as 15 minutes if they are small amounts up to $500. Larger loans such as $1,000 or higher may take a little longer but can still be approved within 24 hours or the next working day.

How Much Will a Cash Advance Loan Cost Me?

The APR for a typical cash advance ranges from 300% to 600% depending on the state that you apply in and other factors such as your credit score and salary. Whilst this might seem high, it is important to note that most loans are only for a few weeks or months but the APR is calculated as though the loan lasts for a whole year, which can make it seem inflated.

Can I Repay My Cash Advance Loan Early?

Yes, you can repay your loan early by contacting the lender and asking to clear your balance. This may save you money on the overall interest that builds up.

How Long Can I Borrow a Cash Advance Loan For?

You can take out a cash advance loan for 1 to 60 months. It would be repaid in equal monthly installments but you can repay early if you wish.