It is possible that payday lenders will contact your employer to confirm your basic details, income and employment. With this in mind, it is important to remember that if payday lenders are required to do this, they will be particularly discreet about the reasons they are calling and they will typically not mention where they are calling from.


Should I Be Worried That A Payday Lender Will Contact My Employer?


If you are worried that a payday lender is going to contact your employer – do not worry. Some lenders will do this as a formality, but they will never mention where they are calling from. Some lenders do this to confirm basic information such as your income, employment and to check that you really work there. In other cases, they might call your employer in order to follow up on a late repayment – but this is after other methods to collect money have failed or been unsuccessful. They will typically ask to speak to you and not speak to your employer.

Some payday lenders who work with Dollar Hand do ensure that every customer is employed and that their documentation is all completely correct before providing any funding. This is also a way that lenders can ensure any potential customers will have the means to repay their loan at a later date.

The lenders will not ever tell your employer where they are ringing from, so rest assured you can apply for payday loans in Texas, California or anywhere in the US without having to tell anyone that you plan to do so.




Why Would a Payday Lender Call My Employer?


There are various reasons for which a lender may contact your employer prior to approving your application for a loan. The first is that the lender will probably want to double check you are employed. In order to be eligible for a payday loan, you must earn in excess of $800 each month. Lenders therefore need to check your employment status through calling the company to be put through to you, not to speak to the employer themselves.

Lenders may also ring an employer in order to check that the information provided by an individual on an application is all correct. Once details have been submitted to a lender, they will need to contact you in order to clarify all information provided.

Information which needs to be discussed can include how much money you are looking to borrow alongside the repayment dates and how long you will need to borrow the money for. This phone call can take place on a personal phone number or through an email address, however if the lender is unable to get through to you in this way then they may be forced to contact your place of work.

You may also receive a phone call from the lender if you have failed to repay your payday loan or are not consistently meeting the scheduled dates of repayment. If this situation does occur, the lender will be forced to contact you and if they cannot reach you via personal details then they may have to contact your workplace, but only to be put directly into contact with you.



Are There Alternative Ways For a Payday Loans Company To Confirm My Employment?


If you have a pending application for a loan, it is possible to show a copy of your bank statement or pay stub as evidence of your employment. This is necessary to demonstrate that you are getting paid on a monthly basis and therefore that you will be capable of repaying your loan on the scheduled dates within the agreed timescale.

Not all lenders will require proof of employment, however if they do ask for it then it can be easier to provide the documentation to speed up the process.




Can I Prevent a Payday Lender From Calling My Employer?


If a short term lender needs to call an employer due to an individual skipping a repayment, you should speak to the lender directly to come to an alternative arrangement. If it is not possible for you to make the full repayment on a monthly basis you can request a new repayment plan to increase the period of time in which you can repay the loan.

A lender will usually call your employer as a last resort, so it is important to respond to any messages from the company themselves.


How Does The Lender Decide If I Am Eligible For A Payday Loan?


The lender is required to ensure you meet all necessary requirements to be eligible for a payday loan, which can but does not always include ringing your employer. They will need to verify that you are an adult over the age of 18 and also that you are a US citizen. It is also a requirement that you have a checking account and an income of over $800 each month.