The average American has $90,460 in debt. With this in mind, it is not surprising that many consumers may need fast access to cash from time to time to pay for unexpected bills such as medical costs, car repairs or rent.

If you are facing an urgent expense and need money now, then look no further. Dollar Hand presents some quick and easy ways to get cash fast in a hurry.


7 Easy Ways To Get Money Now


1. Payday Loans 


If you are in urgent need of money, getting a payday loan can be a quick route to fast cash. These types of loans are often arranged online by filling in a loan application form. Once filled in, lenders will get back to you with a loan offer that will allow you to secure your cash as quickly as the same day or the next working day.

Although payday loans are a great way to borrow emergency cash, they do come with a higher interest rate than traditional loans, and typically need to be repaid within 14-28 days. The good thing about payday loans is they are an unsecured type of loan, meaning you do not have to offer any collateral against the amount such as your car or house.




2. Installment Loans


Installment loans are another type of fast cash, which can be borrowed completely online. Unlike payday loans, installment loans can be taken out over a maximum of 60 months, which means an individual can spread their repayments over fixed monthly installments.

If you wish to pay the loan off early, to avoid having to pay any further interest, this can be done, but just make sure to check with the lender if they charge any early repayment fees for doing this. Installment loans can be used for a variety of purchases including holidays, auto repairs or tax refund cash advances to name a few.


3. Cash Advance Loans 


A cash advance is a type of loan which allows an individual to get an advance on their paycheck or money that should be coming into their bank account shortly. Cash advances should be used when emergency expenses arise and you need to borrow money.

For example, if you are behind on your rent, you could use a cash advance loan to pay the rent amount before you receive your paycheck, and once you get your monthly income, you will pay back the cash advance loan plus the interest and continue as normal. With these types of loans, you can borrow from as little as $100, and this can all be done online.


4. Title Loans 


Lenders will normally need collateral in order to offer title loans to a borrower. Typically, this involves your vehicle being used as a way for the lender to guarantee they will receive the loan amount back.

Title loans are a way for individuals who do not want to have a credit check conducted on them to borrow money, as the lender knows what the car is worth and therefore doesn’t need to know whether the borrower has a good enough credit score to be loaned money.

However, title loans can be a very risky form of borrowing, as if you are not able to pay back the loan amounts on time, the lender can seize your vehicle from you. Payday loans are a less risky form of borrowing than this, as there is no collateral needed, but lenders do often need to conduct a credit search in order to determine whether you qualify.




5. Sell Unwanted Items Online 


If you need quick access to money, selling your unwanted items online can be a great way to accomplish this. There are so many sites to sell items such as clothes, electronics and collectibles such as eBay or Vinted, and if you can successfully do this, there is no reason why you couldn’t make a few extra dollars easily. As long as you are sure you are happy to part with your clothes or beloved Playstation, this should be a no brainer.


6. Community Loans 


If you go down to your local community organization, you may find they offer short term loans or assistance if you need help with rent, or any other urgent bills. These community organizations include churches, who may be able to offer small loans at low interest rates or community centers within the area.


7. Borrow From Family And Friends 


Borrowing money from family and friends is always a great option if you are in urgent need of cash, especially as it can be interest free. If you do borrow money from them, it is often important to draw up some sort of commercial agreement, just to make sure that you are both covered in the event that you can’t pay the loan back to your family member of friend, or if they try to say that you owe more than you initially borrowed from them.

Although this is an easy route to quick cash, you should make sure the money can be paid back within a set timeframe, as you wouldn’t want to lose a friend or upset a relative over not being able to pay them back.






If you need access to quick cash, there are many ways this can be accomplished. Most will involve a loan that will need to be paid back with some sort of interest payment, but all these options can be completed on the same day if needed.

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