If you’re in a situation where you need to get cash quickly, we understand how valuable time can be. Urgent financial situations can happen to anyone, whether its medical expenses, vehicle repairs, or other unexpected bills. The important thing is to act fast – loan sites such as Dollar Hand can provide same-day funds.




How Can I Get Same-Day Cash?


Lots of loan sites offer same-day cash for when a financial emergency arises, so if you are in a situation where you need to get cash ASAP, you will be able to.

Loan sites such as Dollar Hand offer same-day cash that you could receive within an hour. All you need to do is fill in a short online form. State the amount you are looking to borrow from $100 to $35,000, choose your repayment terms, and then Dollar Hand will find the best loans for you.

Dollar Hand does not charge you to submit a form, so you’ve got nothing to lose! If your application is accepted, the money you have requested can be paid into your bank account as one lump sum on the same day.


Where Can I Get Quick Cash Loans?


We know that time is of the essence when an urgent financial situation arises. It can be incredibly stressful, but knowing where to go to get a fast cash loan can ease a lot of your worries.

Dollar Hand gathers hundreds of direct lending companies together and places them at your fingertips. As you request a loan, multiple lenders evaluate your payday loan form in order to help you get the funds you need as fast as possible.

If you submit a payday loan form directly to a bank, it can be an unnecessarily long process. The actual request can take days or weeks to finalise, and many banks also take time to fully consider your credit history. On top of this, if your loan request is not approved, you’re back at square one. If you need cash urgently, this likely is not fast enough.

With Dollar Hand, you can borrow money from any of the 37 US states where payday loans are legal. Submit the loan request online without having to leave the house, saving you valuable time. This lets you receive your requested loan even more quickly.



How Can I Make the Process Faster?


Many loans have an eligibility criteria that you need to meet in order to be considered for a loan. The easiest way to speed up the process of getting a loan is to ensure you meet this criteria before applying, otherwise you will be applying unnecessarily and wasting your valuable time.

The usual criteria for loans includes:

  • Being aged over 18
  • Being a US resident
  • Having a steady income
  • Having a US bank account for the loan to be paid into

If you meet these criteria, then make sure you have your personal details to hand so you can fill in an online loan request form as quickly as possible. It is also good practice to apply during working hours – this will let your request be considered faster as most loans are approved during working hours. Definitely avoid national holidays!

Another important thing is to make sure you are contactable if any more information is required. The sooner you can provide the required information, the sooner the money will be in your bank account.

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