Thanksgiving is a special US holiday and time to gather with family and friends to give thanks for all that they have. It is also a time, however, when many spend lots of money. 

Estimates state that roughly $3 billion will be spent on the Thanksgiving meal alone this year in the US, with most families spending on average $342. With this in mind, Dollar Hand presents a useful guide with tips and tricks on how to celebrate thanksgiving on a budget.




What Costs May I Incur During Thanksgiving?


There are many costs that you may face over the thanksgiving period. Examples include:

  • Travel via car, bus, train or airplane to be with your family or friends
  • Taking out your loved ones for a special meal in a restaurant 
  • Purchasing groceries to make a delicious meal for Thanksgiving dinner 
  • House renovations to make sure your guests feel comfortable in your home
  • Themed decorations or items to make your house nice and cozy 
  • Activities to keep the kids busy during the festivities, such as arts and crafts


5 Top Tips On How To Do Thanksgiving On A Budget:


1. Save Money On The Thanksgiving Dinner


With food prices increasing this year, it’s wise to take advantage of some easy ways to save cash whilst still providing a delicious meal. The most obvious way is to plan ahead and create a list, working out exactly how much food you will need so you do not over cater and waste money. Being organized and planning ahead will mean that you are less likely to overspend.

Other ways to save money on thanksgiving include buying your food in bulk (depending on the number of people you are catering for). Big stores such as Costco usually offer big savings on food bought in bulk, as well as useful items such as napkins or plastic cups which can help you to save a few dollars. You could also shop around to find the best grocery deals as some ingredients may be cheaper at particular stores or they may offer coupons and special promotions that help to reduce the price of the food shop. 

It is also worth having a thorough check of what you have before heading to the grocery store as you may find that you actually already have lots of the ingredients at the back of the cupboard somewhere. You could have more than you expected and be able to significantly reduce your shopping list and in turn the cost. Stocking up the freezer in advance when you spot a good bargain can also help you to stick to a budget, whilst also allowing you to divide the costs of Thanksgiving over several paychecks, reducing the financial load nearer the time. 


2. Be Creative


There is no need to buy lots of new decor each year, but rather being creative and working with what you have will still work just as well. Getting your child to draw some epic Thanksgiving drawings and sticking them on the wall will be marvelled by all. Whilst it may be tempting to purchase items such as scented candles, think about if you really need them as your delicious cooking will create more than enough aromas! 

You could also think outside the box. For instance, it is possible to create unique decor by going outdoors and collecting natural elements such as pinecones or fallen leaves to decorate your thanksgiving table at no cost at all!




3. Do Not Be Afraid To Ask Loved Ones For Help


Your family and friends will be more than happy to assist you. For instance, you could ask them to bring an appetizer or dessert to save you having to make everything or you could ask to borrow any extras that you may need. Do not purchase or hire extra oven trays, cutlery or chairs especially, simply lend it from your loved ones who will be delighted to help.


4. Be Savvy


If you are looking to indulge and want to spend a few extra dollars, then be savvy and do so without stretching your bank account. For instance, you could sell unwanted items by doing a garage sale or using online platforms such as Facebook Marketplace. You could then use this extra cash to top up your thanksgiving budget.


5. Sign Up To A Cashback Company


Before you purchase your groceries, decorations or gifts, sign up to a cashback company that will pay you out for making your Thanksgiving purchases. Often they have apps which make it really simple to enjoy cashback offers whereby you will be reimbursed a percentage of your spending. What’s not to love!


Can I Get A Payday Loan For Thanksgiving?


Yes, it is possible to borrow money to help pay for thanksgiving celebrations. If you are still short on cash and do not want to cut any corners, then payday loans are an option you can consider. 

Whilst everyone wants the holiday to be special, it can be extremely stressful if you are between paychecks and do not have enough money to buy essentials for celebrating. Fortunately, payday loans mean that you can provide for your family even if your paycheck is 1 or 2 weeks away and your bank account is a bit tight. 

You must just make sure that you will be able to comfortably manage repayments before you apply for a thanksgiving loan as otherwise you could face extra fees or charges if you fail to meet repayments. If a payday loan is right for you and you have already tried all of the suggestions mentioned above, then you do not need to let a small amount of money get in the way of celebrating.


Would I Qualify For A Thanksgiving Payday Loan? 


Providing that you meet the necessary criteria, then you should be able to qualify to borrow money. This includes having a stable income, a live checking account for the funds to be deposited into and a government-issued photo ID such as a Driver’s License.

At Dollar Hand, we do all the hard work for you so that you can get a payday loan in the flick of a finger and focus on getting ready to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones. Our reputable lending partners accomodate customers from all different types of financial backgrounds and endeavor to help even those with bad credit. 

Depending on where you live, you could qualify for a reasonable amount of money to help you pay for Thanksgiving. For instance, you could borrow $500 in Alabama, up to $1000 in Ohio and up to $50,000 in Oregon.

Financial emergencies can happen to anyone, even those who are organized with their saving plans ahead of Thanksgiving. So if you are in between paychecks and are struggling for money, apply here to borrow cash today!


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