Utility costs pay for important household necessities such as water, gas, electricity, telephone and internet. However, it might come as a surprise that utility bill prices vary quite significantly depending on your location in the US.

In 2018, Move studied each US state and found that on average consumers in Hawaii paid the most each month for utilities at $730.86 per month, and Idaho paid the lowest at $343.71 per month. This large price differential meant homeowners in Hawaii paid on average $4,645.48 more in 2018 on utilities than those in Idaho.

Want to know the average price of utilities in your state? See the rest of the 2018 results below:


Total Average Costs Of Utilities Each Month By State 


Alabama $411.78
Alaska $527.96
Arizona $441.41
Arkansas $388.28
California $437.85
Colorado $404.25
Connecticut $496.07
Delaware $421.99
Florida $448.99
Georgia $455.34
Hawaii $730.86
Idaho $343.71
Illinois $403.63
Indiana $411.36
Iowa $436.46
Kansas $422.06
Kentucky $413.85
Louisiana $380.79
Maine $464.45
Maryland $429.61
Massachusetts $469.13
Michigan $410.72
Minnesota $404.50
Mississippi $391.46
Missouri $436.49
Montana $359.03
Nebraska $399.45
Nevada $376.93
New Hampshire $477.02
New Jersey $432.72
New Mexico $392.12
New York $477.31
North Carolina  $417.91
North Dakota $411.95
Ohio $447.30
Oklahoma $431.90
Oregon $381.30
Pennsylvania $430.80
Rhode Island $521.98
South Carolina $473.78
South Dakota $382.57
Tennessee $402.35
Texas $409.78
Utah $350.17
Vermont $468.30
Virginia $430.41
Washington $369.18
West Virginia $393.39
Wisconsin $390.65
Wyoming $392.91


The Most Expensive And Cheapest States For Utilities


The top 5 most expensive states for utility costs were Hawaii, followed by Alaska, then Rhode Island, Connecticut and finally New York. Costly culprits included electricity, natural gas and internet charges. 

The top 5 most affordable average monthly utility bills were Idaho, Utah, Montana, Washington and lastly Nevada. This was largely down to cheaper electricity, natural gas and internet service. 


Reasons Why Average Utility Costs May Vary Between States


States where infrastructure and transportation costs are larger tend to have higher utility prices. As well as this, areas prone to extreme temperatures can also lead to higher costs due to increased usage of air conditioning or heating systems during certain weather seasons. 


How To Reduce Your Utility Costs


Regardless of what state you live in, if you’re looking to cut down on your energy bills then you should consider a few simple techniques. Changing your regular habits by switching off the lights when you leave the room, keeping the heating off whilst you are out and about or even turning off the tap whilst you brush your teeth could all make a difference. Likewise, taking quick showers rather than baths or running your washing machine at a lower temperature could reduce your bills significantly.




Investing in energy-efficient appliances such as new refrigerators and dishwashers might lower your utility costs since they consume much less power than older models. To save money around the house Dollar Hand also recommends newer light bulbs such as LED or fluorescent bulbs which use less energy than typical halogen ones.

Whilst this could leave you with more savings each month, it could also help to save the environment – what’s not to love!

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