With inflationary prices regularly rising, it is important to be savvy and to stay ahead of your finances. Money-making ideas are present all around us and there are lots of different ways that you can earn some extra dollars. Whether you wish to take on a side hustle or make extra cash without too much effort, Dollar Hand presents 10 easy ways to make some side money both online and offline. 


Quick And Simple Ways To Make Money


1. Online Surveys


Participating in online surveys via your smartphone, tablet or laptop offers an easy and simple way to earn a few extra dollars. Platforms such as Swagbucks or Toluna provide quick questions for you to answer in exchange for money or gift cards. Sharing your opinion has never been so lucrative!

If you prefer to be in person, then look into joining a focus group. With activities ranging from discussing your opinions in a group setting to testing some products, you could earn on average $200 for a study!



2. Sell Unused Items


A super convenient way to make some disposable income is by selling items you no longer need or use. Examples include clothes, furniture, electronics and homeware.

Not only will this help to declutter your living space, but it will earn you some extra fast cash. Whether you have a garage sale or use online platforms such as eBay or Craigslist, having a clear out will benefit you both physically and financially!

See some examples in the table below:

Second-Hand Item Average Resale Price
Television $100
Black Tie Dress $100
Sofa $300
Soccer Goal $80


3. Rent Out Your Assets


There are many easy ways you can earn money through renting that requires little effort to achieve. If you have an extra room in your property, then renting out the space to a tenant will certainly generate some dollars. Alternatively, if you wish to do this for a shorter period of time you could rent it out on platforms such as AirBnB to earn some extra income from travelers. 

You could also look to rent out any equipment you have that you do not regularly use. For instance, you could rent out your car via platforms such as Turo. You could also rent out equipment such as a specialized camera, power tool or musical instrument. Or even a parking space or garage – the options are endless!


4. Consider Tutoring


Tutoring offers a flexible way to make money in your own time. Whether you wish to tutor in person or online, the popular service offers the opportunity to generate a second income. Regardless of the field you studied in, there are many options available for you, including teaching English to foreigners.

As long as you are an expert in the topic and know how to make relevant and engaging lessons, then you should be on the way to building up those savings! Ideally you will also have a higher education degree to achieve this. 


5. Become A Translator


You could also look into providing translation services. If you are fluent or confident in another language, then this can offer a valuable tool to those looking for interpretations or to have their documents translated.

Not only will this help you gain some passive income, but it will also help you keep your linguistic skills fresh and make sure that they are not wasted. Platforms that you can work from to help you get money online include Welocalize and BLEND.



6. Become A Pet Sitter


Becoming a pet sitter and looking after animals for owners whilst they are away comes with many benefits. Alongside the joy of spending time with a cute pet, you can earn easy money by simply walking, feeding and playing with the animal. Not only will this be much more enjoyable for the pet than going to a kennel, you can gain some extra dollars at the same time!


7. Become An Affiliate Marketer


If you have a strong social media following or a popular blog or website, then consider joining affiliating programs. By promoting a company’s products or services via your online platform, you could earn a commission for every sale generated. You could also consider sponsorships too as this can be very lucrative.


8. Sell Handmade Items


If you are creative, then consider monetizing this skill. For instance you may excel at making candles or bracelets, or painting artwork. If you are good at photography, you could sell the photos on big canvases or on websites such as Shutterstock. 

You could look into attending fairs, create your own online store or use other platforms such as Etsy to showcase your work. Promoting this on social media networks will also help to sell your products and ensure that you make money in no time!


9. Find A Part-Time Job


If you are looking to secure extra funds and have some spare time, then look into flexible part-time jobs. Examples include being a food delivery driver, taxi driver, social media manager or a virtual assistant. This will allow you to make money either during set times or whenever it is convenient for you.


10. Use Cashback Apps


Cashback apps such as Ibotta allows consumers to earn back money they have spent during regular purchases. For instance, buying petrol, doing a grocery shop or ordering clothes online can all result in receiving a percentage of the money back. All you have to do is go through the cashback platform, so this is an easy way to gain extra funds. 


Concluding Thoughts


In conclusion, there are many ways to earn a passive income, with additional methods including dropshipping, starting a youtube channel or freelancing to name a few. Before taking steps to earn extra money, make sure you research and understand the ins and outs of each opportunity. Consider local laws to make sure you would abide by all the regulations. You must also keep track of any extra earnings and report them accurately for tax purposes.

As well as this, budgeting carefully and keeping an eye on your spending will stand you in good stead to further boost your savings. Finding ways to reduce any unnecessary expenses will also help you to secure extra money.

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