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If you need to borrow $500 now, Dollar Hand can help. Simply fill in our online application form to receive an instant $500 loan offer from one of our reputable lenders and borrow a payday loan online today with no credit check options. With same day loans too, your borrowing needs can be met in the flick of a finger!

Representative Example:
If a payday loan amount was $500 with a rate of interest 292% (fixed) and a representative of 171% APR, it would cost you $546.225 after 2 weeks, $592.27 after 1 month and $773.95 after 3 months.*

* We do not know the number of borrowers who take out a loan or the APR, this is a calculation based on the mean APR of our lending partners.

How to Apply for a $500 Cash Advance

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Step 1 - Fill in the Online Pay Day Loan Form

Submit your request to borrow $500 online. Do not worry if you have a poor credit score as Dollar Hand has no credit check options and lenders who are willing to consider customers with all types of credit histories.

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Step 2 - Receive a $500 Cash Advance Online

A cash loan of $500 will instantly appear on screen from the lender most suited to your borrowing requirements. You can then decide if you would like to go ahead with the $500 advance or no

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Step 3 - Borrow Fast Cash With A Same Day Loan

Once your loan application is approved, a $500 cash advance will be sent to your bank account within minutes, hours or by the next working day latest. The total loan amount ($500) will be transferred to you in one lump sum.

What is the Criteria to Borrow A $500 Cash Advance No Credit Check?

To be eligible to borrow $500 cash advances online there are certain requirements:

  • You must be aged a minimum of 18 years old
  • You must be a US resident
  • You must have a checking account for the $500 cash loan to be sent to
  • You must be able to afford repayments
  • You must earn a regular income


Why Might I Need A $500 Cash Advance?

A $500 cash advance can be useful when you need money instantly in urgent situations and cannot wait until your next payday. Reasons include:

  • You are faced with an unexpected or emergency expense.
  • You need to pay for an important medical bill or urgent dental fee.
  • You are charged unanticipated vet bills.
  • You have to undertake a home renovation or car repair.
  • You need to pay for funeral costs.


It is important to remember that a $500 cash advance is a short term solution as the borrower would need to start repaying back the cash loan soon after they have received the money.


Can I Get a $500 Cash Advance Near Me?

Dollar Hand offers $500 cash advances online so you can get a no credit check loan from any of the 37 states where payday loans are legal across the US. Locations include:

  • Alabama
  • California
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Tennessee
  • Texas



Can I Get A $500 Cash Advance With No Credit Checks?

Yes, you can borrow a $500 cash advance with no credit checks. At Dollar Hand, we work with a vast network of over 50 reputable lenders and have partners who do not let past financial mistakes get in the way of your borrowing future. They may consider other factors such as whether you have a reliable income or use secured or collateral products which do not require credit checks to be eligible.

It is also possible to find guaranteed no credit check loans. This can be achieved with financial products that use assets to be approved, rather than credit ratings. There are products such as home loans, secured loans, title loans and car loans which require you to own a vehicle or property to be eligible and you can use its value as collateral to borrow a $500 loan.


How Do I Repay Back a $500 Cash Advance?

A $500 cash loan can be repaid back in equal monthly installments over 2 weeks to 5 years. Money will be taken from your bank account each month on a date agreed upon in your loan contract. It usually tends to be on payday or the day after to make sure that you have enough money in your account to fund the repayment.

There is also usually the option to repay back your $500 loan early. Get in touch with your lender to arrange this and check if you will be charged any extra fees for doing so.

What Happens If I Can’t Repay Back A $500 Cash Loan?

Missing a payment from your $500 cash advance could lead to extra costs and a negative impact on your credit score. It is therefore best to only borrow $500 if you are confident that you can afford to meet repayments.

Contact your lender straight away if you are unable to pay back your $500 payday loan as they can be understanding if you face an unexpected situation that prevents you from meeting repayments on time. If you give the lender notice, there is a chance they will help you through a more flexible repayment plan.


Can I Borrow A $500 Cash Advance With Bad Credit?

Yes, it is possible to borrow $500 with bad credit. Dollar Hand’s reputable lending partners consider applicants with all types of credit histories. As long as the customer is a US resident, aged over 18 years, has a checking account and a stable income, then we can connect you to a lender who can meet your borrowing needs. Better yet, we undertake soft searches which will not have any further effect on your credit score!

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FAQs About $500 Cash Advances

Can I Get A $500 Cash Advance Online From A Direct Lender?

Whilst Dollar Hand is not a direct lender, we connect our customers with a lender from our trusted panel. We find the partner most suited to the applicants’ borrowing needs and who can offer the most affordable rate for a $500 cash loan.

Is Loan Approval Guaranteed?

No, approval is never guaranteed. All applicants undergo a series of affordability checks to ensure that they can afford the loan and be able to repay it back on time without falling into any financial trouble. However at Dollar Hand, we pride ourselves in having a large network of reputable lending partners which means that we can connect you to the lender who is most likely to approve you.

What Information Will I Need To Include When Applying For A $500 Cash Advance?

Loan applicants will need to mention their name, email address, contact number, postal address, state ID or driver’s license and employment status. Specifying the amount ($500) they wish to borrow and for how long will also be required.

How Quickly Can I Get $500?

If your loan application is approved, you could receive a $500 cash advance instantly, a same day loan or money by the next business day! To help boost your chances to borrow $500 fast, you could try applying during typical working hours of 9am to 5pm on Monday to Friday, rather than for instance on a national holiday such as Christmas.

Why Should I Borrow A $500 Cash Advance With Dollar Hand?

Dollar Hand offers a simply and easy online application form that only takes a couple of minutes to complete. We provide a quick service for applicants who receive an instant response and we source the most competitive payday loan rates in the US. Not only do we offer cash advances with no credit check options, but our service is free of charge to all customers.

Do I Need Collateral To Borrow $500?

No, you do not necessarily need collateral to borrow $500. There are many options available including payday loans or installment loans for those with good or fair credit. However, in some cases those with bad credit may need to use collateral such as their car or property to secure the loan.